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RE: [IP] comments about the OTHER pumps (was Paradigm problems - NOT!)

Since you clipped my email for brevity, ;-) maybe you missed the paragraph
on Animas. But never-the-less, the point of my email was not a pro/con of
the Paradigm, but was responding to John as to why someone doesn't have to
be a user in order to have constructive comments on a product. If anyone
wants to know why I chose Animas for my daughter, I'll be glad to give that
synopsis.  But I will save that for when someone asks about the Animas pump.
Keith, I'd answer here, but I think you were just being facetious. ;-)
-----Original Message-----
From: Grimes, Keith


Thank you for providing us with a rather lengthy listing of the positive and
negatives of the Paradigm.

However, as you are not a Paradigm pumper but, rather, an Animas pumper,
where is the list of positive and negatives regarding that pump.

All in the interest of making an informed decision, right?


Keith G.
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