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Re: [IP] new pump from Disetronic

Hey Michael,

How's the Dtron plus different from the Dtron?
I only found out about the Dtron quite recently.

I ex(com)plained to Disetronic that the alarm/shutdown sequence that
happens ALL the time on the Htron, was a nuisance or worse to me since
I can't hear the alarms. Meaning shortened battery lifetimes and high
BGs from the shutdown. They told me about the Dtron and were able to
get it thru Medicare. There was a six week delay after that while the
local rep sat on his can about getting me the training Medicare
required. I missed an email he sent and he didn't do a thing about it
after that till I called the office in MN and asked them to give him a
punt in the posterior. He had full info on how to reach me via the
relay service deaf people require, and never did a thing about it.
cluck cluck cluck.

So that was taken care of, then somebody discovered Medicare needed a
new certificate of necessity from my doc. Waiting for that now. I never
really thought it would become obsolete before I got it, but it looks
like it is *sigh*

>Found out today that the DTron plus has been approved by the FDA. I 
>asked D for availablitiy and the said US shipments will begin in mid 

email @ redacted
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