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Re: [IP] Logbook DM coming soon!

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 From: Ryan Bruner [mailto:email @ redacted]
 Subject: [IP] Logbook DM coming soon!

 6. Other suggested features?!?

A place to record exercise duration and intensity.

You mentioned the unused insulin rule.  Will that be only for correction (high
bg) bolus, or for total bolus?  My assumption is, that unused insulin should
only be used for correction bolus and not for food bolus.  In your software
the bolus history does not separate the 2.

Also will there be a place to manually enter the rate insulin is absorbed in
the users OWN body?  The unused insulin rule is a very individual thing.  In
the Deltec Cozmo pump they allow the user to enter how many hours insulin
works for them, and the unused insulin rule is then calculated based on that

BTW the Deltec pump seems out of the world to me, the user just enters the
amount of carbs they want to eat, their current BG, and the pump tells you how
much insulin you need, and it will also automatically subtracted the amount of
unused insulin from your previous bolus, sounds amazing to me..

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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