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Re: [IP] comments about the OTHER pumps 8

John, you must have started pumping about when i did,and like me your 
pump is now out of warrantee.  MM will take $500 if you need it fixed 
and most insurance won't pay for that.  Have you been looking for a 
new one?  I also haven't had a minutes problem with my 507 and I've 
really put it through the wringer.  I was all set to get a 508 to 
replace it, but I couldn't get any MM reps to come talk with me.  I 
sent a snail mail request and left two phone messages and no one 
called back.  The animas guy came immediately as did the deltec rep. 
I liked the new Cozmo a lot, and will likely go with that if I can 
wait till Dec.   I think the takeover has affected MM's sales force. 
I know a lot of their people have gone to work for the other pump 

  <<<<<<An insulin pump serves as an essential component in our daily 
struggle to
maintain good control of our diabetes.  Everyones requirements are
different and the decision process of choosing the appropriate pump can be
daunting.  IP serves as a vital resource for information for both new
pumpers as well as experienced pumpers wishing to upgrade.  Personal
experiences should be freely expressed to aid in this process.  I have been
pumping with a MiniMed 507 for 4 plus years without a single hour of pump
difficulty.  I have given up trying to gather personal experiences from
other pump users that would help me in making any upgrade decisions.
John Kinsley>>>>>>>>
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