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Re: [IP] comments about the OTHER pumps (was Paradigm problems - NOT!)

The one real negative I will say about the Animas pump is that it is not a
cure - my son still has diabetes.  I have been so thrilled with Animas as a
company.  The level of care they have provided to us is unbelievable.  Like
the time my son had a reading of 479 after playing basketball.  I knew that
counter-regulatory hormones could cause high bgs after intense exercise, but
I didn't know how to correct it.  Would he tend to be insulin resistant from
the high, or would he tend to drop like a rock because of the physical
activity?  I was new to the pump and to diabetes and it was very scary for
me.  I called Animas and within 5 minutes, they had an exercise physiologist
on the phone advising me.  And this was on a Saturday evening.  Had it not
been for Animas, I probably would not have been able to get a pump for my
son - certainly not in the time frame I did.  Sometimes it's just hard not
to be such a zealot in support of Animas because they have gone above and
beyond for us many, many times.

In the end, I would just like to see everybody with type 1 diabetes on a
pump.  Paradigms are great as are Disetronic pumps.  Whatever works for you
is wonderful.


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From: "Grimes, Keith" <email @ redacted>
> However, as you are not a Paradigm pumper but, rather, an Animas pumper,
> where is the list of positive and negatives regarding that pump.
> All in the interest of making an informed decision, right?
> Thanks,
> Keith G.
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