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Re: [IP] paradigm problems-power, battery, etc.

Same thing happened to me at a restaurant two weeks ago. Didn't hear the 
beeping from the pump in my pocket (thought someone's pager at the next 
table was going off) and then was alerted to a no delivery by the vibating. 
Definately a good feature.


><<I'd love to have a setting which uses vibrate for truly bad alarms: no
>delivery or no power - and uses beeps otherwise>>
>A few weeks ago I had my paradigm in a thigh thing on my lower leg....I was 
>at a restaurant when I got a "no delivery" alarm.  Obviously, I couldn't 
>hear the beeping to alert me, but then it started vibrating.  At first I 
>didn't know what it was because I was unaware that it would vibrate after 
>beeping.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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