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RE: [IP] comments about the OTHER pumps (was Paradigm problems - NOT!)

Mike wrote (clipped for brevity):
> Positive-it's small
> Rest-it has no belt clip and must be kept in holster or case, 
> making not as
> small
> Positive-changing reservoirs is no big deal
> Rest-if you use more than 45 units a day, you use a LOT of 
> reservoirs and
> sites. Since our doctor wants us to change sites every time 
> we change the
> reservoir.


Thank you for providing us with a rather lengthy listing of the positive and
negatives of the Paradigm. 

However, as you are not a Paradigm pumper but, rather, an Animas pumper,
where is the list of positive and negatives regarding that pump. 

All in the interest of making an informed decision, right?


Keith G.
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