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[IP] Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/Vitamin B

Hi everyone,

I've been off-line for about a week and a half.  Problems with low blood 
pressure (hospitalized) and the internet.  Managed to lose all mail 
previous to yesterday's;  and I was unable to send mail until 
yesterday.  My blood pressure isn't fixed but hopefully my internet 
connection is.

Laura and Chance asked about CTS/Vit B  and their e-mails disappeared.   
In case there are others who sent e mails, now circulating in cyber 
space,  I'm sending  this info for our entire list.

Prior to my son's birth ( almost 13 years ago) and pre-surgery ( after 
his birth) I used the best mega-B complex I could find, at the time.  I 
found "the pill"  that covered all the Bs and had mega doses.  I then 
started with the recommended daily dose;  stuck to it for 5 days;   
monitored the action.  I then increased the dose,  gradually, and 
continued my monitoring pattern until my hands/fingers were no longer 
continually numb.  During this"figuring out" period I also used wrist 
braces - I believe they were integral to the success of my treatment.

I do not recall big, big increases in Vit.B complex.  I followed my Vit 
B regime, very successfully, for 13 or 14 years.  I used my wrist 
braces, occasionally, if needed.  I stopped when I was pregnant with my 
son ( at age 40)and when I was breast feeding (2 years) so the surgery 
was a necessity.

Surgery helped.

Now I follow Dr. Julian Whitaker's recommended diabetic supplements plus 
Co-enzyme Q-10.  Whitaker has made my pill popping much easier than it 
used to be.  He has really simplified the process by combining 
supplements in the doses I need.  His website is <drwhitaker.com>.

I also found Whitaker's  book "Reversing Diabetes" inspiring enough to 
make a trip to his "Wellness Institute" in 1996.  Best, most complete, 
physical examination and relevant educational sessions I've ever had.  
Very useful for me.

Hope this helps.
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