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Re: [IP] FW: NNF - Low-Carb Diet Bad for Bones and Kidneys

This is the abstract, Jim:
(and my skepticism of nutritional research is based on reading of 
many articles, but I do agree that there might be a few good ones in 
the mud (like below).  And I also can appreciate that it is very hard 
to do good controlled studies in this field.  So I'll await your 

  J Okla State Med Assoc 2002 May;95(5):329-31	Related Articles,  Links
Effect of weight loss plans on body composition and diet duration.
Landers P, Wolfe MM, Glore S, Guild R, Phillips L.
Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health 
Sciences Center, PO Box 26901-CHB 469, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, 
OK 73190, USA.
Are low carbohydrate high protein (LCHP) diets more effective in 
promoting loss of weight and body fat and can individuals stay on an 
Atkins-like diet more easily than on a conventional weight loss diet? 
A pre-test/post-test randomized group design composed of three 
cohorts was utilized to test 1) a LCHP ketogenic diet; 2) the Zone 
diet; and 3) a conventional hypocaloric diabetic exchange diet that 
supplied < 10%, 40%, and 50% of calories from carbohydrate, 
respectively. Body composition was measured before and after the 
intervention treatment period with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. 
Mean weight loss was 5.1 kg for those who completed the 12-week 
program. There were no significant differences in total weight, fat, 
or lean body mass loss when compared by diet group. Attrition was 
substantial for all plans at 43%, 60%, and 36% for LCHP, Zone and 
conventional diets, respectively.

>     There was a study a few months ago that compare about 25 subjects
>  on the Atkins diet and 25 on a conventional diet.  They were
>  concerned with what eating all that fat and protein would do to blood
>  lipids and renal function.  To the authors amazement, the blood
>  lipids after 3 months weren't much different in the high fat and low
>  fat diets!

>Wayne, can you provide a citation for this study?
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