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[IP] Re: Allergy to adhesives

I developed an allergy to the Silhouette infusion sets about a years after I 
began pumping with my 508. I called MiniMed and they sent me a clinical 
services tape kit with various types of adhesive and skin prepping products 
to try. They suggested that I start with a certain product and, if that 
didn't resolve the problem, keep experimenting with the others until I found 
one that did. If people continue to have trouble after trying the 8 or so 
products provided in the kit, they do offer a help line for additional 

 I ended up selecting a product called Bard Protective Barrier Wipes. They 
come in small foil wrapped packets that are easy to carry and, more 
importantly, to use. After showering, I just open a packet and swab the area 
with the wipe before inserting the infusion set. I have had no allergic 
reactions since I began using Bard wipes a year ago. I have heard however, 
that people might need to change skin preps occasionally as they can become 
ineffective over time. Once you find a product that works, you can order it 
from MiniMed although it might be sold elsewhere for less money since none of 
those included were MiniMed branded.

I hope this helps. 

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