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[IP] comments about the OTHER pumps (was Paradigm problems - NOT!)

When I first read your comments I thought, "ok, that makes sense", but then
I got to thinking about my experience choosing a pump. I wanted to know why
I should NOT choose this pump over that one, and asked "why not?" on this
forum. If I only saw the glossy positive comments (esp from the reps) I
might think the Paradigm was perfect for my daughter and the Animas was a
scary piece of junk.
The positive things I have heard about the Paradigm don't (typically)
include the 'other side' or 'rest of the story'

Positive-it's small
Rest-it has no belt clip and must be kept in holster or case, making not as

Positive-changing reservoirs is no big deal
Rest-if you use more than 45 units a day, you use a LOT of reservoirs and
sites. Since our doctor wants us to change sites every time we change the

Positive-it vibrates
Rest- nothing, cool feature

Positive-it's water-resistant 8' for 30 min (was when we were pump shopping)
Rest- now it's 8' 24hrs, but they still recommend getting out and drying the
pump off, periodically.

Positive-fewer button presses to complete a bolus
Rest-with more (confirming) button presses, a child is less likely to
accidentally bolus the incorrect amount.

Positive-positive experiences with MM support
Rest-MANY more publicly stated complaints since the Medtronic acquisition

Positive-it has a remote
Rest-very few people use it

Positive-MM has greater market share
Rest-Maybe they are resting on there past success and not trying HARD to
keep their customers happy.

Positive-the new sets have a vent that gets changed every time the set is
Rest-it's a proprietary set. Can't get a set from a friend in an emergency,
which I witnessed at a pool party and the user had 3 consecutive bad sites
and either had to rush home (45 min) or borrow a new site from someone with
a STANDARD luer lock.

Positive-the battery is easy to find and replace
Rest-It must be replaced VERY often and potentially without a lot of warning

Positive-temporary basal up to 12 hrs
Rest-it can only be set in increments of .1 units and a single pattern for
the full duration as opposed to a % that changes as your normal segments

Positive-basals can be adjusted in increments as small as 0.1 units per hour
Rest-this may be a large amount to a child with tight control.

People come to this list and say something like, "I have been on MDI for X
yrs and decided to start pumping, and want to find all I can about the
different pumps." Sorry but you don't get this information, that for me was
a deciding factor if you only talk to people that HAVE the product or SELL
the product.

I can tell you that Animas was the company that immediately came out and
talked to us from the first day we started looking. Or they were out here
with a loaner pump in less than an hour on a Sunday when Lindsey pump
malfunctioned and then sent a BRAND NEW one on Tuesday. Or that when we were
having issues with insurance paying for an expensive and required training
class from our Endo and Animas got involved and worked with both the ins and
endo to resolve the problem. Or that I have been offered a loaner pump if we
ever go anywhere that we would feel better about having a back up.
Or,,,,,,,,,you get the point.

So, there you have it. People should do their OWN research and make an
INFORMED decision. I only try to provide information to think about. Some of
the things listed above are important to pump users and some are not. I try
to only give facts and observations, I try to leave out opinions. These
comments are un-necessary to someone who has already made a pump selection,
but to someone trying to make a decision. The number of private emails
indicates to me that it is VERY necessary.

So like I have said before, most of me emails are directed at potential pump
users for them to think about, not to flame or belittle Paradigm pumps or
their users.

-----Original Message-----
From: John Kinsley

 An insulin pump serves as an essential component in our daily struggle to
maintain good control of our diabetes.  Everyones requirements are
different and the decision process of choosing the appropriate pump can be
daunting.  IP serves as a vital resource for information for both new
pumpers as well as experienced pumpers wishing to upgrade.  Personal
experiences should be freely expressed to aid in this process.  I have been
pumping with a MiniMed 507 for 4 plus years without a single hour of pump
difficulty.  I have given up trying to gather personal experiences from
other pump users that would help me in making any upgrade decisions.
Positive and negative comments about every pump can be found on this site.
There are a few, however, who seize on every opportunity to amplify any
concerns expressed about the Paradigm.  And these few do not even use the
Paradigm that they so eagerly like to assail.  As stated, everyone should
freely report their experiences but I am reminded of insecure school
children who like to say my pump is better than your pump.  Wading through
the unnecessary non-user comments makes it too cumbersome to read all the
legitimate personal experiences that I could benefit from.  Can we please
keep our comments to our own experiences about our own pumps.  Thank you.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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