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The Insurance Labyrinth (was)[IP] Animas vs. Minimed

In a message dated 9/18/02 9:51:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> No doesn't always mean no in the insurance company world.  =)

or, as I learned through my JDRF work, "if you don't ASK, you can't get a 
YES"...and the corollary to that approach: "don't accept a NO from someone 
not empowered to give you a YES".....insurance companies are sadly designed 
to throw up enough roadblocks to deter even the most determined person....in 
order to maintain health insurance for both of our over-age-19 daughters, 
still in college, we are now required to send proof of their full-time 
status, not once, but TWICE per year....when I spoke to the Registrar 
yesterday & asked her how infuriating this "ask" must be from thousands of 
students twice a year, she laughed & said "hey we look at it as job 
security"! ....
Renee (pump mom to Melissa)
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