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Re: [IP] FW: NNF - Low-Carb Diet Bad for Bones and Kidneys

This is so typical of the pseudo nutritional science that gets 
promulgated. Guesses about long term effects based on no data.   "if 
this pattern,,,,", "it would almost certainly",,, which really means, 
" although we didn't do the study right, we still firmly believe our 
preconceived notions.
   There was a study a few months ago that compare about 25 subjects 
on the Atkins diet and 25 on a conventional diet.  They were 
concerned with what eating all that fat and protein would do to blood 
lipids and renal function.  To the authors amazement, the blood 
lipids after 3 months weren't much different in the high fat and low 
fat diets!  And there was no indication if kidney problems.  But they 
had to add that although the Atkins diet was more effective in weight 
loss,they didn't know the long term consequences.

>  >
>  > HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:  Although this study was
>  > too short to observe a change in bone density, if this pattern were
>  > followed over years, it would almost certainly lead to osteoporosis
>  > and possible kidney stones.  Although the number of subjects is small,
>  > this is compelling evidence against unbalanced diets.
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