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[IP] Misinterpreting posts

I don't understand why its seems that whatever the
subject, someone needs turn it into something that its not.  I'm
In the future I'll keep my experiences to myself.

	This is totally disgraceful!  This site is supposed to be here to HELP
people and not to keep bashing one another.

	For weeks I have been reading all the bashing, etc...and I think it is
horrific that people have signed up to be on this site to gain helpful
information or to give information or to share experiences but now feel that
they have to hold back for fear of being misunderstood and to have to face

	People, let's wake up here!  If you are going to be so critical of each and
every thing that is posted on here, perhaps this isn't the site that you
should be coming to or belong to this group.

	All I know is that a lot of incoming mail and my time is being wasted as
well as lots of other people's by having to plod through the bashing, etc.

	Let's all remember we are all here facing the same problem....being
diabetic and trying to live as normally as we possibly can.....and
continually praying for a cure!

	Peace to all.

Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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