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Re: [IP] Ignorant Dietician - arg

Ellen........GRRRRRRRRRRR   Believe me, unless the dietician is also a CDE 
they don't have a clue about diabetes, except basic textbook stuff, and they 
still think that diabetics do exchanges and that kids were probably dxd 
because of eating too much sugar......GRRRRRR.. And believe me, even the CDE 
ones, if they are not familiar with pumping then they really don't have a 
clue.  Just recently went to a meeting where all of the info the dietician 
was giving out did not even apply to us because of the pump.  And when I told 
her certain stuff that changes I definately got the feeling that she wished I 
would just leave.  LOL   

Have you tried Weight Watchers?  I'm on that and have lost almost 20 pounds 
so far.  It is all about watching what you eat, drink LOTS of water and 
increase movement.  I have POINTS books now to go along with Josh's carb 
cooks.  But it works!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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