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Re: [IP] Paradigm problems - NOT!

>>> I am so glad you like your pump.....but I don't think name calling is
appropriate....this is a support group where ALL should be able to speak
about problems and concerns and choose whichever pump they want without
negative comment about their position......have a great day! <<<

An insulin pump serves as an essential component in our daily struggle to
maintain good control of our diabetes.  Everyones requirements are
different and the decision process of choosing the appropriate pump can be
daunting.  IP serves as a vital resource for information for both new
pumpers as well as experienced pumpers wishing to upgrade.  Personal
experiences should be freely expressed to aid in this process.  I have been
pumping with a MiniMed 507 for 4 plus years without a single hour of pump
difficulty.  I have given up trying to gather personal experiences from
other pump users that would help me in making any upgrade decisions.
Positive and negative comments about every pump can be found on this site.
There are a few, however, who seize on every opportunity to amplify any
concerns expressed about the Paradigm.  And these few do not even use the
Paradigm that they so eagerly like to assail.  As stated, everyone should
freely report their experiences but I am reminded of insecure school
children who like to say my pump is better than your pump.  Wading through
the unnecessary non-user comments makes it too cumbersome to read all the
legitimate personal experiences that I could benefit from.  Can we please
keep our comments to our own experiences about our own pumps.  Thank you.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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