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[IP] Frustrated with BG--too many factors!

Was just wondering if any of you have this problem???

I have a good deal of hypo unawareness, and so am shooting for a nice 120 or
140 (post meal 160 180).  I am currently trying to fix my carb ratio--educator
suggested 1:10, and then I tried 1:12 and all have lead to lows at one hour
after bolus.  So I am back to my usual 1:13 and trying to count very exactly.

Well, tonight I gung ho tried to take the exact amount needed for two pieces
of frozen lasagna, and was 40 one hour later, and 60 another hour later.  Then
I remembered that I do well with pasta, and that was probably too much of a

So my question--how do you keep track of all the factors that contribute to
your BG?  There has to  be some way to share these with your medical team?
For myself these include

Dining out vs dining at home
PMS         vs. Menstrual low week
Stress      vs less stress
Exercise    vs no exercise (I can walk around Wal Mart and end up low)
Meals with heavy carbs vs very little carbs (i.e. for me pasta is good, rice
is bad)

etc. etc. I just cannot seem to get everything to balance, and once I try to
get aggressive with my insulin, I end up low low low.
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