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[IP] medic alert tatoo

>When I first read about a tattoo, I thought "Cool, with a tattoo one 
>have to wear an I.D. bracelet!"  Just have the tattoo on the writst with 
>medic alert symbol!  Oh well, call me weird.  My husband won't let me do it
>as he is afraid of infection but I thought it was a cool idea.
>dx 3/63

Debbie, I haven't been following this thread.  (I sadly just threw away the 
last three digests and knew I'd regret it... ugh.)  BUT, I had to chime in 
because I just got my tatoo 11 days ago.  It was supposed to take 10 to 14 
days to heal (for a "normal" person) and it is already completely healed.  I 
love it!!!  It just says "diabetic" above a blue cross.  The whole thing is 
the size of a medic alert necklace pendant.  And I'm so happy I never have 
to wear that darned thing again (or, as was more often the case, realize 
that I wasn't wearing it at the worst time).

And for the person who doesn't like being referred to as "diabetic," but 
rather a "diabetic person," at least for me, the tatoo does mean something 
more than just an alert would.  I think that diabetes really is a huge part 
of who I have become.  There's never a time when I'm not thinking about 
and/or planning for it.  In a way, the tatoo, for me, is a way of owning it 
and even celebrating it in a way.  (Not that I wouldn't trade it in in a 
minute...)  Maybe it's like (although not necessarily in magnitude) when a 
minority group is called by some hideous name and then the group themselves 
start using the name as a way of taking control of it...  Well, it's hard 
for me to explain in an email, but it is more than just a medic alert tatoo 
for me.  And I LOVE IT!


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