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[IP] running vs. golf

Does anyone else get more low bgs playing golf
vs. running?  I'm an avid runner: 4-5 times a week,
for 75-90 minutes/run but I almost never go low
during a run.  I do have a pump routine for running:
I eat a meal beforehand and reduce my carb bolus,
but I don't change my basal setting.

When I golf, I find that I have to reduce the basal
setting (from .3/hr to .1/hr--the lowest setting on
the paradigm) AND eat before with a reduced carb bolus
AND have at least one snack for each nine holes AND
I still have lows sometimes, which definitely makes
golf less fun. You can tell from my scorecards
which holes I've gone low on: low bg=high score.

I wonder if the difference has to do with using
different muscle groups? (my infusion sites are
on my sides)


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