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Re: [IP] RE:Researching Insulin Pumps

Hi Carolyn,

I also have an 8 year old son and he uses an Animas.  We are thrilled with
pumping in general and Animas in specific.  The pump is great and customer
service has been unbelievably good.


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From: "Carolyn Meredith" <email @ redacted>
> Hi Everyone
> Thanks for your words of welcome and wisdom.  It is great to find a group
> share with regarding insulin pumps.  We are going to do the saline trial
> with Animas.  I have spoken to Medtronic (Minimed) and Disetronic.  I have
> received info from all of them.  I got the book "Pumping Insulin"  and
> done a lot of research on the pumps.  I was leaning toward Medtronic's
> Paradigm or Animas because I want a pump that is water tight.  Animas was
> the only one that has called me back to see what we have decided and
> to let us try a pump for a few days.  What is everyone's opinions on these
> two pumps?  It is for my son who is 8 years old.
> Carolyn, mom of Jeremy, 8yr (dx'd 5/2000)
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