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[IP] Re: IP] I'm just dying to get that pump!

At 12:51 AM 9/14/02, you wrote:
>PS.  I got to meet Roselea last night.  She is totally awesome!!!  She, her
>husband, my friend and I had dinner.  Too bad we couldn't have had a larger
>crowd.  Maybe next time.

Thanks Chris *blush*.  I think your little low episode is what so many of 
us went through on shots.  You get low and then begin to stuff yourself 
until you feel better.  I have found, for me, that with the pump, my lows 
don't go so low so that I have time to have a little bit and wait without 
getting worse, to see if I come around with just a bit of food.  Actually, 
I would have ordered a regular soft drink than the milkshake, the fat in 
the milkshake would contribute to slower carb absorption causing your bg to 
take longer to raise, but then you know that, right?  ;o)

Congrats on getting your D.O. to come around, how soon can you get in to 
see an endo?  Looks like you may be finally on the road to a pump now!  :o)

It was so nice meeting you and your friend, we really enjoyed the time we 
spent together.

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