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[IP] sillhouettes crimping

I have noticed my silhouette infusion set crimping when I
  a.. Insert it, then lift up on it to take the tape off. I have noticed that
the set hasn't crimped when I start - by pulling the tape off a little bit to
break the seal so it pulls off easier.
  b.. Sometimes it has crimped from the introducer needle being re-inserted
because "I chickened out because it hurt" when I touched my skin with the
needle. If you poke it in far enough you can wreck the cannula in between the
space where the introducer needle starts and the little line were the cannula
  c.. I have crimped the cannula by twisting my side muscles, therefore I
don't put the infusion set where I may be doing side crunches in the near
future. I think there is a connection of coming close to the skin-muscle
The cannula seems quite long and I wonder about the depth of the angle
sometimes, hitting muscle. I try really hard not to pick insertion sites that
are more busier than others like my legs. Happy pumping Sharon B.
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