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Re: [IP] "Pizza effect", etc.

> Interesting note.  I have the same reaction to pizza when I lower my
> standards and have commercially produced pizzas.   If I make the
> pizza myself at home, I don't get this same reaction (higher blood
> sugars later).
> I get the same delayed reaction when I eat larger hamburgers (>
> 1/4lb).   Maybe lots of fat saturated proteins (cheese & meat) are
> responsible for the reaction.

What you are experiencing is the conversion of a large amount of 
protein to carb. When the amounts are small, the conversion effect 
usually goes unnoticed because it is spread out over several hours 
and does is not a lot of carbs. When you eat lots of protein, the 
conversion is noticable. 

The difference between commercial pizza and what you make at home is 
probably the much greater amount of cheese in the commercial pizza. 
This is usually only true for pizza-parlor pizza, not the supermarket 
stuff -- that is skimpy.

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