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RE: [IP] Free-Style Tracker

Thank you so much.  I will give my daughter the good news.

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--- "Santos, Elizabeth" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Did you have to purchase it or insurance paid for it?  Is it worth the
> price?  Also did you purchase it thru the website?  Thanks

I hadn't originally intended on making the insurance company pay for it, but
since I liked it so much and my current insurance company hadn't ever been
asked to reimburse me for a new meter, I submitted it for reimbursement.
had no problem issuing me a check for the $150 I paid for it.  I purchased
through their website.

I think it is well worth the price for the following reasons:

1.  Small blood sample is really nice.  You could get this from one of the
regular Freestyle meters though.  It comes with an arm sample lancet device
2.  History tracking of average blood sugar over time is something I use
frequently.  It will give me a statistical analysis of my readings for the
1/3/7/14/30/custom days.   This includes average, highest, lowest, Std.
Deviation from average, percentage of readings above your target, percentage
readings below your target, percentage within target, and average # of tests
per day.
3. Graphing of results on the PDA screen is nice.  It helps me pick up
patterns.  This is also done for the last 1/3/7/14 days.  I wish they had
for all readings, but this is a minor complaint.
4.  Since I carry a PDA anyway, it saves me from having to carry around a
glucose meter.  It adds about 1.5" to the length of my PDA.
5.  They just started a nifty new service that allows you to upload your
glucose readings to a web site so that you can do some more serious number
crunching on your results and allow your Dr. to see them.
6. There is a carbo DB built into the PDA program.  It includes fast food

Can you tell I really enjoy using this thing?


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