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[IP] Paradigm (long)

When I made my comment about being one of the few and the proud to be on the 
paradigm I never intended to start this negativity going back and forth. 
Everyone will have their own opinion for why they got a specific pump. I just 
 wanted people who joined this list to find out what others think of pumps 
before they decided which one they wanted to get that there are people who 
love the paradigm. Every pump has its problems. 

One comment that upset me: "always wondered how many Paradigms there would be 
in use had they not basically given them away"
 I thought long and hard for 2 years about whether or not I wanted to go back 
on the pump. I looked into every pump and talked a lot with my mom about what 
she had heard about the various pumps and I felt that the paradigm best 
suited my lifestyle and my needs. I don't know what I would do without the 
remote. Over $8,000 has been spent on three different pumps for me in the 
past 10 years. I wouldnt spend that kind of money unless I knew what I 
wanted.  What works for me may not work for anyone else. 

 YMMV, as with everything else involved with Diabetes.  I don't hear any 
comments like the one above about other pumps. I am thrilled to hear about 
the problems people have with their paradigms because i have learned so much. 
I don't want people to stop that either. Just be respectful.

Thank you for letting me vent, once again,
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