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Re: [IP] Paradigm problems

> In the future I'll keep my experiences to myself.
> Jan Clinthorne

Hi Jan,
    Please don't keep personal experiences with pumping to yourself. I would
not have been able to learn as much as I have, nor would I be able to make
an informed decision about pumping and the pump without experiences from
people like you.
    If someone is giving you grief then please just ignore them. I know that
it is tough, but I don't have the resources or an extra life to spare by
going forth with this disease without information. Please. . .To you and
everyone who shares. . .Don't let them cause you grief.         Please
understand that your personal experiences are important and valid. It is up
to the reader to discern what bits of information will work for them.
     It is good also when one person states an experience and another person
had an opposite experience, but both experiences should be shared with
sincerity without any hostility to the other person who had an opposite
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