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Re: [IP] "Pizza effect", etc.


I apologize if I missed something, but you wrote at the end of this that 
you were glad to read this.  Do yo have documentation on this?  I would 
love to read it if so.


Ryan Bruner wrote:

>I was taught that certain foods high in fat will affect your blood 
>sugars.  The examples given are pizza, pasta, etc.  And, yes, in fact, 
>I do get the "pizza effect".  But, I was not convinced that fat had 
>anything to do with it.  I compared pizza and a fast-food sandwich 
>(double cheeseburger, etc.).  Comparing at equivilent carb content, I 
>found that the burger actually had MORE fat than pizza..and yet, the 
>burger did NOT cause this delayed rise in blood sugar as pizza did. 
>Also, most pasta is relatively LOW in fat.  So, I think the doctors and 
>dieticians are completely off on the reason.  Fat may slow the 
>digestion of carbs...but hardly enough to make a difference in most 
>I also noticed that it wasn't just a delay in carbs.  For pizza, if I 
>gave my normal bolus, even over a dual wave, I would still have a large 
>RISE.  But, if I gave the same bolus for the same carbs for other food, 
>it would work out just fine.  I actually found that those food that had 
>the delay also required MORE insulin than other foods.  This didn't 
>make sense.  So, I thought protein might be the culprit.  But, some of 
>the problem foods are very low in protein...and the amount of protein 
>that would be needed to cause such a dramatic change was more than I 
>would eat.
>So, I figured there was another reason.  Well, last week, I found out 
>the REAL reason for the pizza effect.  It turns out that certain types 
>of foods (I forget off the top of my head what specifically) actually 
>trigger the release of glucagon in the body.  Pizza is one of those 
>foods (there is something in pizza that does this).  So, you bolus your 
>normal amount to take of carbs, but the body then releases the glucagon 
>which causes the delayed rise in blood sugars.  That is why I need to 
>give EXTRA insulin when I eat pizza.  Problem is, each person reacts 
>differently.  So, there is no set rule as to calculate this.  One 
>person might have to give an extra 5 units versus another who only 
>needs 1.
>Anyhow, I thought I'd share this information for those who also have 
>been misled to believe that simply eating a meal with high fat content 
>will do this.  Amount of fat doesn't matter. :-)  I was glad to read 
>this and find out that my logic wasn't wrong.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml