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Re: [IP] paradigm problems-power, battery, etc

<< I was at a restaurant when I got a "no delivery" alarm.  Obviously, <<I couldn't hear the beeping to alert me, but then it started <<vibrating.  At first I didn't know what it was because I was unaware <<that it would vibrate after beeping.  Has anyone else experienced <<

Yes, I have.  The Paradigm has a reserve of about 10 units after you go to "Units Remaining: --U.
One weekend morning, I was too busy to change out in the morning so I went deep into this reserve.
I got the empty reservior alarm.  A couple of minutes later, This Paradigm Beeped, Vibrated and Flashed it lights at me.

According to the Paradigm Manual:
"For alarms, if there is no response after three (3) minutes,
they will become beeps, and then sirens."

Good Luck,
John & his trusty Paradigm

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