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[IP] Diabetes Tatoo

I think the important thing to think about is the glucose monitoring part of
the tatoo-thingy.  I'd go for it is a heartbeat.  As long as no one made the
"diabetic tatoo" mandatory, it really wouldn't have to be a "star", if you
know what I mean!!!!  (And as long as it didn't come in the form of a
gigantic THIS PERSON IS DIABETIC across the forehead, I'd be interested!!!!

<<<Hey, I've no plan to get a diabetic tatoo either- I don't even like the
word diabetic, I prefer, people who have diabetes (yup, even with all those
extra words for the tight write -lol). Okay, people with diabetes, but
that's my last offer. In Spanish I usually use Estoy diabetico - the
'temporary' form of the verb to be. I already have a tatoo - and know I'm
not saying what or where - and every endo wondered if it would heal properly
(it did). Consider too that personally I plan to recover from this disease,
even if I'm one of few. I don't like it. Never did. 

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