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[IP] Re: Reusing lancets

We all have to be careful about thinking that just because something 
hasn't happened to us, that it isn't good medical advice.

Personally, I re-use my lancets for several months, typically.  Never 
had a problem.  Regardless, there are SOME folks out there who may have 
weakened immune systems who wouldn't be able to handle this.  Re-using 
a lancet DOES introduce various germs into your system...but in such 
small quantities that MOST people can kill them off without any issue.  
But, someone with a weakened immune system might not be able to handle 
it.  So, in order to prevent any lawsuits or loss of limbs ;-) it is 
good to recommend changing lancets everytime.  If I started to notice 
any problems, I would change more frequently.

It is kind of like the issue of injections.  The recommendation is 
still to use a new needle everytime, as well as clean the area with 
alcohol, etc.  But, in practice, for most people this isn't necessary.  
I frequently re-used a needle, as well as just injected through my 
clothes.  But, there may be some that such a practice is NOT a good 
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