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[IP] Mottled screen on Paradigm

I noticed the "mottled" screen on the Paradigm after having it a couple 
weeks.  (In my case, I first noticed it the day after swimming, so I 
THOUGHT that caused the problem...but actually, the swimming had 
nothing to do with it.)  Anyhow, I notice it the most if I have on 
sunglasses (polarized), but noticed it anytime for a while.  Now, a 
couple of months later, the mottled appearance has completely gone 
away, even with sunglasses.  The only thing I can figure is that the 
plastic they are using had to somehow "cure".  

So, for those returning the pump for the mottled screen...try waiting a 
couple months (I've only had my pump 3 months now) and it might just 
fix itself.  By returning it for a new one might just be causing more 
problems than helping because you get another new one that will have 
to "mottle" itself for a while.

Regarding other things that "scare" you about the pump.  I find the 
pump alarm plenty loud enough.  Of course, while sleeping, I sometimes 
can't even hear my alarm clock, so I cannot expect ANY pump alarm to be 
loud enough to wake me.  It doesn't really scare me though.  If there 
is a low-battery alarm as soon as I fall asleep, and the pump goes dead 
in 6 hours...that means only 2 hours without basal insulin...but Humlog 
is still in my system during that time.  My BG will be higher, but not 
enough to cause DKA, since there is still insulin in my system.  I 
would just wake up and compensate with a shot or bolus (after replacing 
the battery).  But, I had a pump alarm go off for low battery while at 
work, and I didn't change the battery until I got home...more than 6 
hours.  One thing is that I won't use Energizers, as they recommend.  I 
get far less out of them than Kodak brand.  Kodak has consistantly 
lasted 3 1/2 weeks...Energizer only 2 1/2.
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