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RE: [IP] Paradigm problems - NOT!

Beverly wrote:
> I am so glad you like your pump.....but I don't think name calling is 
> appropriate....this is a support group where ALL should be 
> able to speak 
> about problems and concerns and choose whichever pump they 
> want without 
> negative comment about their position......have a great day!
> Beverly
> -*******---*******


Please relax. The point of my post was that I really like the Paradigm, for
all the reasons that I listed, and that there is probably a large group of
us Paradigm pumpers who don't have much to add to a discussion of
complaints. I wasn't suggesting that there was anything wrong with people
discussing their complaints about their pumps, not at all. That's one of the
reasons that this support group exists and I'm all for it.

So please, Beverly, just calm down. Let's not start another war. The Animas
is a GREAT pump for some people. You happen to be one among the few Amimas
pumpers on this list - whom I'm sure all love their Animas just as much as
you - who do a great sales job for your pump every opportunity you get. But
let's face it, Animas is trailing the pack in terms of market share. There's
nothing wrong with that; in fact, I almost choose the R1000 because of that
reason - I like the underdog. That's why I chose that relatively benign
wording. In the end, I chose the Paradigm instead simply because I liked it
better and thought it was easier to use. 

You, too, have a wonderful day.

Keith G.
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