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[IP] Re: Non volatile memory

If your information is accurate, you should make sure that you get it
out to all pump users and potentional users.  One of the reasons I
decided not to go with the paradigm was because of all of the people
reporting lost settings, and having to keep records of their settings
with them in the event they lost their settings.  Also because I needed
a bigger reservoir. Maybe all of these people have not had proper
training with their pumps to enable them to recover their settings in
the manner you relate.  It is unfortunate that your product has been
getting bad reviews on the IP site, but I read with the hope that people
are honest and will not hold back on their comments because we all now
that reps from all of the companies are reading along.  It is refreshing
to be part of such an open forum to discuss our concerns.   I am glad
that you are trying to "set us straight." and I am glad that you took
the time to write me with the correct information.  I will be glad to
see what others have to say about this, and I hope you will be open to
comments and further questions.
Best regards
Bob Hillier
Peoria, in the Heart of Central Illinois, USA
Diagnosed in 1992 at age 42

>>> "Ruppert, Deborah" <email @ redacted> 4:08:08 PM 9/16/02
Hi:  I don't like to respond to product specific comments to the whole
board , but I wanted to make sure that any questions you may have about
our product are answered.

To answer your question regarding the paradigm and non volatile memory
- we do!  However, we do with a caveat.  Medtronic MiniMed has always
looked at the safety of our users as the top priority - first and
foremost.  99.9% of the time, your settings will be preserved - if you
leave the battery out for greater than 3 minutes, you will be prompted
to reset your clock.  It would take the batteries to be out for greater
than 5 weeks to have to reprogram all settings.

However, the only difference comes with safety alarms.  We work
stringently to maintain the safety and integrity of your pump data - if
you were to get an alarm that interferred potentially with the pump
data, we would give you an alarm and prompt you for reprogram.  We do
this to make sure that you are always getting exactly what you have set.
 Could we do it another way and not check as stringently (we do over 6
million safety checks each day in the Paradigm) - sure, it would
certainly be easier for us - but we won't compromise.

I hope you have had a positive experience with your pump(whichever
brand and model you have - you have chosen the right therapy for
controlling your diabetes) and if I can be of any additional help in the
future - please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best -

Deborah Ruppert
Medtronic MiniMed
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