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RE: [IP] Paradigm problems - NOT!

Someone wrote:
> <It seems to me that the majority of people here do not like 
> the paradigm. All 
> I have heard are complaints about it. Are there people that 
> like it? Or am I 
> one of the few and the proud? 


I think there are many of us out here who are just quietly happy with our
Paradigms. One feature I like especially well is the ability to do either a
square wave or dual wave bolus over an EIGHT hour period. I've discovered
over the course of my diabetic life that pizza (among other things) tends to
keep my blood sugar high for about that long, and I like that I'm able to
punch in that extended length of time and forget about it. 

There are other features I like as well, like the IPX8 rating, fewer button
presses (compared to older MiniMed products and the Animus pump), the ESCape
button that allows you to easily back out of menus with just a single button
press, etc. These things and many others all add up to a superb pumping

So don't worry, you're not alone out there in loving your Paradigm. Unlike
complainers, or underdogs who are still trying to get a leg up, I think
those of us who are enjoying the positive addition of the Paradigm pump to
our diabetic lives tend to just sit back, relax, and quietly enjoy the

Keith G. 
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