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[IP] Re: Paradigm problems -- NOT!

>I have had one 'no power' alarm, but I DID have power, and was able 
>to change the battery without losing my settings. I called MM and they 
>explained that when the pump senses a LOW battery, it has to decide 
>between the Low battery message and the no power message, and will 
>sometimes choose the no power message depending on how low the 
>battery is. 

That's good to know.  I also didn't lose any settings the one time I got 
the "no power" alarm a few months ago.

As for the "mottled screen", I have noticed it in sunlight (esp. sunlight 
filtered through a window).  However, it's never been so bad as to cause 
any problems reading the screen.  I did worry about it a little at first, only 
because I feared it was "not normal" and might mean there was some 
problem with my pump -- but in and of itself it's never caused a problem 
for me.

As for the beep volume -- I can't really comment, as I always use the 
vibrate mode.  As someone else mentioned, for me there are too many 
situations in which a "beeping electronic device" would be a disruption 
(especially when you can't explain to everyone around you that it's an 
insulin pump and not a pager or cell phone that you were too 
inconsiderate to turn off!)  But....since it seems to be a problem for so 
many who do rely on beeps, I hope MM will consider doing something 
about it.

I'm glad to hear there are others who are happy with their Paradigms!  I 
have to say my first 5 months of pumping w/ the Paradigm have been 
remarkably smooth.  I really can't complain!

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