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[IP] On the Paradigm...

I'm on my second Paradigm since 7/12/02.  My first Paradigm started having the
mottled screen affect which could not be explained by tech support.  Then I
got a series of unexplained No Delivery alarms.  So MM sent me a new Paradigm.
The screen looked fine and I thought all was well.

Then sitting by a window I noticed the dreaded mottled screen again.  It turns
out that the mottled screen appears in bright natural light, like sitting next
to a window.  My mottled screen goes completely away if I go in direct
sunlight or artificial light.  As for the No Delivery alarms, the Paradigm
solenoid motor is much more sensitive to back pressure than the 508 was and my
alarms are caused by back pressure from my sites or my recycled reseviors..

I'm now much more comfortable with my Paradigm and really like it.
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