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Re: [IP] Of Puppies and Tubing

LOL!  My husky youngster hasn't gotten any pump supplies--yet--but you
should see what he's done to all his stuffed toys:  They're gutted, plucked,
decapitated, dismembered, & disemboweled!  I'd never live without them,

Lisa, Icy (17 months) and Frosty (13 years)

Linda wrote: > I have slammed my tubing in the door of my truck and it only
crimped but kept on pushing insulin through - but when my little brown fluff
ball was laying on my chest her little puppy razor teeth were more than the
tubing could take.
> She was happily chewing, I look up and oops - the tubing is now in 2
pieces. So I went and opened a new set, primed and reconnected - such fun.
> Theas conquest list: 1 50 ft phone cord, a feather pillow, hubby's
backpack & notebook(minor damage), and 1 infusion set. Oh isn't having a
baby in the house fun!
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