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Re: [IP] Length of Sil Cannula

> I've been trying out the silhouette infusion set.  I'm
> on my third set in two weeks.  With the first two I
> had great numbers, but when I removed them BOTH OF
> THEM had a severe crimp in the end of the cannula.  Is
> it due to the length of the cannula or possibly
> something else.

That kind of crimping is usually caused by movement of tissue around 
and under the set. You want to try and make sure the set is inserted 
perpendicular to the movement of the muscle mass that is immediately 
underneath it so there is no "creep" of the set in the tissue that 
can cause it to wiggle around and possibly crimp. Lily had some 
problems with this initially but discovered that she could change 
the placement of the set or turn it a little up or down and the 
problem would go away. It's also easier to do this on the buttocks or 
love handles than on the tummy where bending and sitting cause a lot 
of tissue movement in the area you'd normally place the set.

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