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Re: [IP] Paradigm problems - NOT!

<It seems to me that the majority of people here do not like the paradigm. All 
I have heard are complaints about it. Are there people that like it? Or am I 
one of the few and the proud? >
I LOVE MY PARADIGM.  I have been using MM pumps for 7 years.  I looked at the ANIMAS, but
preferred the way you set basals on the MM - the Animas required many, many more keystrokes.  I
have had my Paradigm since February.  I have had one 'no power' alarm, but I DID have power, and
was able to change the battery without losing my settings.  I called MM and they explained that
when the pump senses a LOW battery, it has to decide between the Low battery message and the no
power message, and will sometimes choose the no power message depending on how low the battery is.
 Since I did not lose any settings, I don't consider that a problem.  I just treated the no power
as if it was a low battery alarm.
Everything else about the Paradigm is WONDERFUL.  The menu, the muli-screen display, the histories
(bolus, alarm, prime), everything about is GREAT.   

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