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[IP] Re: Bleeding in Quicksets and Paradigm problems

I have had many sites (I use the silhouettes) either begin to bleed a
little bit almost immediately or start within the first day.  They don't
bleed for long, but it doesn't look very sanitary.  This happens much
more often when I am putting the site in my abdomen, not so much in the
upper rear end region.  My endo says that some folks just have
capillaries closer to the surface of their skin and not to worry as long
as my blood sugars stay normal (which they do-at least as normal as when
I don't bleed).  So, I don't worry about it, except that I don't want
anyone (namely: girls) who happens to see the site thinking it's
gross--dried blood...ick.  I tend to change sites right after taking a
shower, so I wonder if it's the hot water getting the blood flowing more
than usual...of course I could ice down the site prior to insertion and
test this hypothesis, but I guess I'm t! oo lazy--and I don't like
getting cold (a result of standing at the bus stop during Minnesota
winters back in the 9th grade). As to Paradigm problems, I've had only
one.  I awoke from a nap to find that my pump was dead.  No Minimed
screen, no circles, no nothing.  I was pretty shocked, and I hit the
buttons like a confused monkey for a few minutes thinking that the right
combination would spring it back to life magically.  After changing the
battery, I got an E21 message and had to rewind and reprogram.  Not that
big of a deal, except that my battery died (apparently) without a low
battery alarm.  I was told by cust.service that if it happened again, the
pump would be replaced.  I've also had the screen mottling problem --
seems to be heat triggered, either from these hot Mississippi days or
because I had it in my pocket while out on a date <grin>.  But besides it
looking kinda cool, I haven't worried about it--the pump functions just
fine. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the Paradigm.  It's my first, but
it's easy to use, and (I'm a little ashamed to say) I can use the same
batteries that I make my students bring to school for their graphing
calculators.   Robert PageParadigm since 4/02 PS: Congratulations are in
order for the 2002 AL Central Division Champion Minnesota Twins!!!


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