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[IP] Animas Batteries

I used the same set of batteries in my Animas pump for 3.5 months.  I was 
waiting for an alarm or warning.  In the middle of the night (After 3.5 
months of using the same battery), I had a low cartrige alarm that didn't 
wake me up...with Animas, if the pump alarms for 2 minutes, it will switch 
to a siren sound.  The siren DID wake me up, but the pump was not 
functioning, had to take the batteries out to keep it quiet. When I called 
customer service, they said the battery must have been about dead and the 
alarm/siren probably pushed it over the edge.  Am I the only person who 
would wait for the pump to let me know the battery is low?  I just 
assumed...  I guess the impressive thing is that I got 3.5 months out of one 
set of batteries...although, I'd reather burn through the batteries and not 
have another siren episode.

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