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Re: [IP] Diabetes Interview

Well,   as you know, there are thousands of diabetics and pumpers who 
poke their finders up to 10 time/day, and who do in fact change 
lancets with the seasons.  I've not heard of anyone ever requiring 
amputation from such activity.  And why would reuse cause infection 
anyway?   What pray tell, are the possible dangers? Pain maybe, but 
if there were bacteria on the finger tip, a new lance would be just 
as likely to "inject" it as an old one.  A case report like the one 
quoted should have been balanced with the masses of other cases where 
no such problems have been noted.
    And perhaps most importantly, these were not normal people.  For 
example, one of the women in the cases reported had existing kidney 
damage, chronic neuropathy, foot ulcers, elevated blood lipids, 
hypertension,  an A1C of 14%, and, perhaps not surprising, major 
clinical depression despite intensive drug therapy.   So, with all 
these complications, the docs see an abscess on the tip of the 3rd 
finger, and blame it on reusing lancets?  Six finger pokes in a week 
on different fingers and they ascribe causality to a reused lancet? 
Give me a break.   Please.  There's got to be better science to 
report.   I wouldn't be surprised if  one of those authors has some 
relation to companies that make lancets.   Diabetes Care should never 
have published this, and it doesn't warrant repeating, except maybe 
on an IP Saturday night live skit.

<<<<<<No, it said that doctors in Florence, Italy, reported that two women with
poorly controlled type 2 diabetes required partial finger amputations after
reusing the same lancet for several weeks. The doctors advised people to use
a new lancet each time and to practice good hygeine. The brief was based on a
letter published in Diabetes Care, a respected medical journal.
In what way is making people aware of possible dangers so that they can make
an informed decision irresponsible?
Jan and Elvis (who doesn't remember when she last changed her lancet)

<< Yes, but you still have to be very careful reading it. The current
  issue has a blurb that says you will lose your finger if you don't
  use a new lancet every time you check your BG.  Totally irresponsible
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