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Re: [IP] Animas battery life

I know that battery life on the Animas pumps will vary according to how much 
you use your pump (primarily the back light -- which we use a lot).  A couple 
of adult pumpers have told me that they often get 10 weeks or more.  

Our experience with the R-1000 (when we were waiting for low battery alarms 
to  make a change) was 7-9 weeks.  After having low battery alarms go off at 
times which were inconvenient (interrupted her socializing at a sleepover for 
a few minutes) or embarrassing (some kids at the mall looked at her when the 
alarm went off) for my adolescent daughter we've started changing them once a 
month (I'd do 6 weeks but monthly seems easier for us to remember).  

Since you also are supposed to change the little o-ring on the battery 
compartment (essential for the watertightness of the pump) when you change 
the battery, I figure more frequent changes are probably not a bad thing -- 
especially since my daughter wears her pump in the water (the ocean, 
actually) so much . . .
Pumpmama to Katie
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