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[IP] crunchy low treats

Summer wrote:
> low I HAVE to eat something CRUNCHY, I don't know why but I 
> fell so much better after eating something solid, whether granola 
> bars, crackers or even a carrot!!  I recheck my sugar 2 hours later 
> to see what I'm at though.

i understand the feeling....but as usual, I will suggest not eating anything 
with fat in it til at least 15 minutes after you eat the carbs....simply put, 
the granola bar WILL slow down  your recovery from your hypo.  If you MUST 
have crunchy, try hard candies...just don't break a tooth...carrots are fine 
too, as there is no fat, but I would suggest staying away from granola bars.  
I think saltines are good - Michael says they break down pretty quick...just 
put the granola bars up high where you can't reach them!!

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