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[IP] Infusion Confusion

Thanks Sylvia-
I'm using a skin cement and some leftover Regular Rapids I've had and those 
aren't working well either.  Yesterday I doubled my basal to 200% and 
bolused for the high after a reading of 300 and no food.  And they came down 
to 62 - so today (114 rising and 267 about an hour later), I've bolused and 
increased the basal rate to 180%.  It really gets complicated when you're 
dealing with multiple issues (new infusion sets, poor adhesion problems and 
what now appears to be one of those wierd diabetic things - is it the new 
antibiotic I'm on, a panic attack, an unnoticed infection, bad insulin, --- 
I once listed 36 things that could affect my blood sugar.  It's real hard.  
I went back to a normal basal last night and was fine this a.m. - the 
morning before I chimed in at 300.  If this diabetes doesn't start behaving 
soon I'm going to have to give it back!  LOL

Thanks for your support.

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