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Re: [IP] Diabetes Interview

No, it said that doctors in Florence, Italy, reported that two women with 
poorly controlled type 2 diabetes required partial finger amputations after 
reusing the same lancet for several weeks. The doctors advised people to use 
a new lancet each time and to practice good hygeine. The brief was based on a 
letter published in Diabetes Care, a respected medical journal. 

In what way is making people aware of possible dangers so that they can make 
an informed decision irresponsible?

Jan and Elvis
(who doesn't remember when she last changed her lancet)

In a message dated 9/16/02 7:45:50 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Yes, but you still have to be very careful reading it. The current 
 issue has a blurb that says you will lose your finger if you don't 
 use a new lancet every time you check your BG.  Totally irresponsible 
 <<<<<<<<What is Diabetes Interview that so many folks here are
 talking about?  I checked online, but no photo to
 which I've seen reference.  Not sure if it's
 subscription only (online?) or who publishes.
 - - -gail in denver >>
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