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[IP] Re: basal question

From: "BertnSue"
>>>Last week I had a medical test that required me to have only clear fluids
for 36 hours. My husband expressed concern re. lows. To be on the safe side
I lowered my basal rate by 1/3 and only bolused half the normal amount for
my occasional glass of watered down juice. I had perfect numbers! What's up
with that? Any comments from the pundits? Susan who is glad to report she is
cancer-free 6 years now, >>>

CONGRATULATIONS on your survival, Susan!!! Sounds to me like you had your
basals set correctly and therefore, you had perfect BGs. Theoretically, you
should not have cut your basals at all, meaning are they set correctly and
avoiding lows on *normal* days? Your basals should carry you through at a
good range without any food. Your bolus is for the carbs you eat. If you
normally have, say, 4 oz. juice and water it down making 2 oz juice/2 oz
water then you'd bolus for 2 oz. juice. Or, if you had the 4 oz. juice/4 oz.
water, you'd do the normal bolus for the carbs in the 4 oz. of the variety
of juice you drink. (~_^)

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