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Re: [IP] Diabetes Interview

On 9/16/02 7:43 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Yes, but you still have to be very careful reading it. The current
> issue has a blurb that says you will lose your finger if you don't
> use a new lancet every time you check your BG.  Totally irresponsible
> reporting.
> -wayne

Yes, be VERY careful Wayne!!   It caught my eye also.   That is a report
about a letter in Diabetes Care (June 02) that stated "2 women with poorly
controlled type 2 diabetes required partial amputations" due to infections
caused by reuse of lancets.   That prompted the 2 doctors from Florence
Italy to write the advice to "use a new lancet for each test in addition to
practicing careful hygiene".   So responsible reading goes hand in hand with
responsible reporting.      :>)

It did go on to say that ""both women tested at least six times a week and
had multiple complications"         :>o

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