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[IP] Re: Diabetic neuropathy/Charcot foot/foot ulcers

Just want to let you know of a great new product if
you have severe peripheral neuropathy resulting in
Charcot foot/ankle and/or diabetic foot ulcers.  Those
of us who have this complication often have neuropathy
beginning to develop in our hands.  That's why I can't
use crutches.  One week after my foot collapsed, both
hands became 100% insensate for several days --- a
truly terrifying experience.  If I'd stayed on
crutches, the pressure on the hand nerves could have
resulted in permanent damage.
   The new product is called a Roll-A-Bout and was
just patented last year, so very few medical people
know about it.  It's designed for people who must put
NO weight on their foot and who can't use crutches or
a wheelchair.  I got the Roll-A-Bout after being
confined to an armchair in one room for a month and
it's given me back my independence. No more bedpans! 
This is especially important because Charcot foot or
diabetic foot ulcers often take MANY months to heal.
   It looks like the scooters of our childhood, but
the platform is at knee level and thickly cushioned. 
It even rolls easily over wall-to-wall thick
There's no pressure on my hand nerves and almost no
pressure on my "good foot" (The good foot is actually
very fragile and prone to fracture. My "good foot"
collapsed 3 years ago with 21 fractures.)
   One really neat feature:  one of the four wheel
legs can be attached at an angle that offsets the lack
of balance you automatically have when one foot is off
the ground.  So it's really stable and you don't tip
over.  You can buy it (I did because severe neuropathy
doesn't go away and I've had two foot collapses in
three years) or you can rent it --- if you're an
optimist that it'll never happen again.
   My insurance company paid for it after my doctor
wrote a Letter of Medical Necessity for Durable
Medical Equipment.  Some local hospitals have asked me
to demonstrate it to their nurses and physicians
because so many hospital patients are diabetics with
neuropathy.  Hope this helps y'all.

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