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[IP] Express Scripts

Someone asked about Express Scripts.  I must say--you aren't in for a good time. My
insurance will pay for my insulin pump supplies as DME with a huge deductible and copay
if I order from MiniMed, OR I can use Express Scripts and get them for only
prescription copays. So I am forced to use Express Scripts since the deductible and
copays on DME keep going up each plan year.
Last year when I tried Express Scripts for the first time, I went through my HR people
first. I was assured that as long as I had all of my prescriptions send to ES, I was
fine. My two week saga with ES was very frustrating. First they said I needed a letter
of authorization from my insurance company. So I called and got that send. Then I was
told they never got it.  I had it sent again. Then I was told that they didn't even
carry the supplies I needed. Then I was told that they never needed the authorization
letter, but that it just wasn't covered. After talking to six or seven different
customer service reps who all told me different stories, I finally did get my supplies.

My advice--If you are going to use Express Scripts, be sure to call several weeks
before you really need any supplies, because it will take that long to get it done.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
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